Okanagan-Themed Wedding Invitations For Your Big Day

A perfect wedding is all in the details. From wedding cakes to favours, the dress to the flowers, every little detail of your wedding will be thoughtfully planned to reflect you and your fiance. For your guests, the invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding and it sets the tone for the event and tells them what they can expect.

If you are lucky enough to say ‘I Do’ in the Okanagan, there are a few things that you can do to tie Kelowna and the valley into your wedding day and invitations.

  1. Plant the Seeds of Love

    A fun way that you can incorporate the Okanagan into your wedding invitations is with the paper itself. Choosing a paper that contains seeds of a plant or flower that is native to the Okanagan Valley is a great way to incorporate the region into your special day. As a bonus, your invitation can help bring more pretty flowers to the world!

  2. Get Colourful

    The Okanagan Valley, and Kelowna in particular, are known for incredible scenery and an abundance of nature. Use blues and greens to represent the lakes and mountains, or incorporate a colour like lavender, or yellow to represent sunflowers and lavender fields which grow in abundance in the region.

  3. Design the Okanagan

    Design is probably the most obvious way to bring the Okanagan into your wedding invitations. For example, ‘Guisachan’ translates to ‘Land of the Firs’. If you are hosting your wedding at Guisachan House in Kelowna, you could incorporate a grove of fir trees into the design of your invites. Kelowna means ‘Grizzly Bear’, so some bear prints on the back of your invitations would be a playful nod to the city where you say ‘I do’.

  4. Photo by Silk Road Studio

  5. Be Industrious

    The Okanagan Valley is known for a handful of industries, including agriculture, tourism, and wine. Use peaches in your design, or have your wedding invitation designed to resemble a wine label. It’s a clever nod to the Okanagan’s well-known industries, without being too literal.

  6. Say What You Mean

    The simplest way to get your idea across is to say it. Use a poem or quote about the Okanagan Valley or Kelowna to enhance your wedding invitation.

    Welcome to Kelowna
    The place we’ll say “I do”
    A lovely city in the Valley
    Perfect for love so true

At Guisachan House, we not only offer our brides a lovely wedding venue, we also offer full wedding packages that are designed to make your wedding stress-free and easy. We can help you with every aspect of your planning and much of your wedding needs will be provided by our excellent, experienced staff.

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