What to Look For In a Kelowna Wedding Venue

Set The Date

The first hurdle when it comes to wedding venues is always the date. Some couples book the wedding venue years in advance which means that your perfect location may be booked for the date you would really like to have. Try to be flexible and have several dates or an entire month in mind to lessen possible disappointment.

The Guestlist

Another important consideration is the capacity of a venue. If it is really important that you be able to invite all 250 friends and family members to your wedding, your venue options may become limited. Some couples specifically opt for a more intimate venue location in order to cut back on numbers without feeling too guilty. Luckily for you, Guisachan House can accommodate any size wedding.

Playing Double Duty

Consider choosing a venue that will be able to cater to both your ceremony and reception. This may end up saving you money as it is easier to repurpose decorations and reduce transportation costs. More importantly, selecting an all-in-one venue will be less stressful as you don’t have to worry about coordinating dates across multiple venues, wasting time in transit and transporting decorations and important items. It will also leave you more time to spend with your loved ones on your special day.

Rain, Rain Go Away

When you picture your wedding day, you typically don’t picture a major thunderstorm or downpour - especially in Kelowna! But the reality is that we can’t control the weather, much as we might wish we could. It’s important to know if your venue has a contingency plan for inclement weather or if you need to have a backup plan yourself. Of course, in Kelowna the opposite weather conditions can be just as concerning. Be sure to have a plan in place in case of extreme heat and too much sunshine.

It’s All In The Details

Wedding decor can add up quickly and you may have some very distinct ideas about what your wedding should look like. Consider choosing a venue that comes with beautiful architecture or unique features to help reduce decor costs. It is also important to ask if items like linens and table cloths are included in the cost and if there are any restrictions, such as rearranging furniture or using candles (though many venues these days restrict them for safety reasons).

Pack It Up! The Party’s Over

If you, your friends, and family are party animals, you will definitely want to consider the closing time. Your venue may require you to wrap up the party as early as 10 or 11pm, so be sure to ask what those restrictions are, including noise and liquor service. Speaking of packing it up, be sure that you know what your responsibilities are when it comes to removing items from the venue, cleaning, etc. Will you be able to come back and retrieve items the next day or does everything need to be gone that night? Are you responsible for taking items and decorations down, or are there staff on hand to take care of that for you?

With a bit of planning and research, you can find a wedding venue that perfectly suits your wedding while minimize stress and costs. At Guisachan House Restaurant, our historic manor and gardens are perfectly suited to intimate, classic, vintage-inspired weddings in beautiful Kelowna. We offer full-service wedding packages, allowing you to take care of your ceremony, reception, food, drinks, decor, and more, while only dealing with one vendor.

If you are looking for a spectacular Kelowna wedding venue, be sure to come by Guisachan House to experience the charm and beauty in person.

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